2019 Different.

Happy New Year, Guys!

2018 was lit… I’m proud of myself! You should be proud of yourself if you’re reading this as well!

Last year I observed so many things about myself and wanted to share them with you all.

2018 Self Observations:

  • I became you. I learned that when I started pouring more love into myself and started getting on top of my goals, the people who came into my life were on the same frequency. I also realized that I am an empath. I absorb people’s energy quite intensely and it can be a good and bad thing.

I gave up. Once I began to let go of my fear of certain things, whether it was getting a job, attracting money, etc., things “magically” fell into place. I let go and gave up to the Universe. I use this technique to manifest: Visualize + Put in Work + Let it go. ( Let me know if I should blog about this.)


I lost my voice. Growing up, I never had the courage to speak up for myself or voice when something was wrong… This is something I still struggle with. Being passive is a part of my nature but I’m learning to break away from that. I always try to make other people comfortable before making sure I’m okay. This year I’m going to focus activating my throat chakra.

I became an addict. *Unconsciously picks up phone and refreshes IG feed 3 times* I always wonder how life would be without social media… I gained about 12,000- 13,000 followers in a year. One thing that I loved about this was that I got to inspire more people and also attract people that I’ve always looked up to. People who I’ve looked up to for years actually began to resonate with my work and wanted to work with me. One thing I learned from this is that likes and followers don’t bring you happiness in the real world. I also had to remind myself that people are people no matter if there is a blue check by their name or not… It’s funny how a blue check can make someone feel like they’re better than someone else. We are all equal in God’s eyes. Remember that.


I hid away. Some days I’d feel so uninspired by the things around me and get stuck in a bubble it felt like. Sometimes people’s energy would be so intense that I’d just want to be completely alone for a few days. Spending time in solitude helps you really tap into yourself and figure out what’s really going on with you. When there is no outside chatter, your space becomes quiet enough for you to hear your higher self.


I talked to Her. In times of doubt or joy I’d make sure to talk to my higher self. And by talking to my higher self, I talked to God. I asked for guidance and healing. I asked for answers and forgiveness. My prayers were always answered one way or another. I’m learning that I should run to my higher self before running to anyone else for advice. The answer will not always come immediately, but with patience, everything works itself out.

That being said… 2019 Different. Now it’s time to move forward with love and acceptance for my strengths and weaknesses. We are not perfect, we are human. Don’t be so hard on yourself in a world of critics. Be your biggest supporter.


Peace and Love, 


Outfit Details

Suit : Goodwill

Top: Zara

Shoes: Nike

Photography by Tamon George


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